go-go dancing for Elvis

coverElvisgo-go dancing for Elvis by Leslie Greentree is the story of two sisters: the beautiful sister, who travels the States as a back-up dancer for an Elvis impersonator, and her more conventional sister, who stays home and renovates her house. It’s a story of love, jealousy, betrayal, and the people who used to have our phone numbers. Most of all, it’s a story about Hawkeye Pierce and power tools.

ISBN: 0-9732380-2-X
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Leslie Greentree, in go-go dancing for Elvis, uses myth to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and to see the extraordinary in the everyday… These are poems of a “pilgrim soul.” — Dee Horne, Canadian Literature

Leslie Greentree is a conversational poet whose artful talk is not afraid to engage any subject head-on. Her unpretentious, sometimes comic, lower-case poems have an irresistible charm. They pull us into the funk and drama of her everyday experience and, further, into the center of her interior life. — The Griffin Prize Jury, 2004

Greentree’s careful attention to language, the confidence of her execution, and above all her wry and gentle humour keep go-go dancing fresh and interesting throughout. — Ian Samuels, The Calgary Herald

Leslie Greentree’s highly readable go-go dancing for Elvis achieves immediate intimacy with a dishy, kitchen-chair voice… The book pleases honestly, in the way of a cotton dress that clings in all the right places. — Sonnet l’Abbe, The Globe and Mail

go-go dancing for Elvis is as fun as the title suggests the book will be… The book is an easy, quick read, and … repays several readings and has an accumulative punch, rather in the way a good collection of linked stories or rites-of-passage or Roman à Clef novel does. — Richard Stevenson, The Lethbridge Insider

Like Greentree’s first book, guys named Bill, go-go dancing for Elvis, is a rollicking read and a book to savour. — Barbara Curry Mulcahy, Alberta Views

Leslie Greentree … takes us through a linear and hilarious story… She employs a clever, tongue-in-cheek tone as she tells of her narrator’s everyday existence. — Diane Dechief, FFWD

With incredible insight, Leslie Greentree explores the dance of human relationships, the nuances of communication, and the intricacies of daily life. go-go dancing for Elvis performs with skill, humour, and tenderness; but be warned: Greentree is a scorpion-poet and her words always deliver a sting. — Joan Crate

What a read! Greentree’s poems crackle with humour, self-deprecation, celebration and woe. The book is a domestic extravaganza of being single and female: the fear of inadequacy, the sense that others are having a much better time, the loneliness of love gone wrong, the carnival of house renovations and lust. This book is like a best friend who invites you over for a glass of wine and a gab session. Say yes, I’ll be right over! Cancel everything, grab the car keys, and crack open this book. — Nancy Holmes