I’m honoured and thrilled to see this glowing review of Not the Apocalypse I Was Hoping For in the wonderful Alberta Views magazine:

“This time the subject Greentree tackles head-on is death: the death of human connection, the death of meaning, the death of life as we have known it. Miraculously, these pages full of literal and metaphorical deaths are also full of humour and charm … Kurt Vonnegut said that laughing and crying are essentially the same response. They’re what we do when we don’t know what else to do. In the prelude to our own apocalypse—coming too fast for us to fix—Greentree offers us both laughter and tears.”

Read the full review here.


In this episode of the Crow Reads podcast, Rayanne speaks with author Leslie Greentree about character vs. plot-driven stories; about how short story and novel writing are shaped; writing flawed characters and controversial stories; and about career longevity in an increasingly competitive market.

“Leslie Greentree’s short story collection, Not the Apocalypse I was Hoping For, is a masterful collection that shapeshifts through her characters’ lives. It’s a not-so-subtle commentary on current politics, the pervasiveness of social media and our obsession with having or holding a platform, and the fallacy of human nature.”

Listen to the podcast here.