Prairie Books Now review: Leslie Greentree returns with well-crafted takes on politics, abortion, loneliness, and disaster


Leslie was delighted to be featured in this interview and book review in the Winter 2022 edition of Prairie Books Now.

“As her writing career progresses, Greentree finds herself taking some narrative and artistic risks. ‘The longer I write, the freer I feel to be playful in my writing,’ she says. ‘In this collection, that might come across in terms of the addition of Gothic elements to some of the stories, or the satirical bent to others, but also in terms of my willingness to take on more overtly political topics.’

“And the span of topics in the stories collected in Not the Apocalypse I Was Hoping For is impressive … (The) fallible, often difficult characters are perhaps the most standout element of the collection as a whole.”

Read the full review here.